Crown Council

HSH Princess Nina, during the candidacy phase for Princess of Seborga, presented on 2 October 2019, pursuant to art. 8 of the General Statutes and art. 28 of the Regulation, the names of the four Crown Councilors she would have chosen in case of election: Mauro Carassale, Sabina Tomassoni, Giovanni Fiore and Luca Pagani.

Elections were held on February 9, 2020 to appoint the remaining five Crown Councilors. Maria Carmela Serra, Franco Murduano, Francesco Verrando, Patrizia De Paola and Sabina Camarda were elected.

On 17 February 2020 HSH Princess Nina, with her own Decree, appointed Mr. Fabio Corradi as Crown Councilor and assigned the powers to the ten Crown Councilor, pursuant to art. 37 of the Regulation. With the same decree, the Princess also ordered:

  • the appointment of the Crown Councilor Maria Carmela Serra as Chancellor, with the functions of Secretary of the Crown Council;
  • the appointment of the Crown Councilor Luca Pagani as spokesman for the Principality.

The Crown Councilors swore the Oath of Loyalty to the Principality on 20 August 2020.

On 18 February 2022 HSH Princess Nina, with her own Decree, decided to do a small reshuffle of the powers of some Crown Councilors, a faculty provided for by art. 37 of the Principality’s Regulations.

The Crown Council is therefore currently composed of:

HSH Nina

Princess of Seborga

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Mauro Carassale

Secretary of State

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Sabina Tomassoni

Crown Councilor for Foreign Affairs

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Giovanni Fiore

Crown Councilor for Sports and for Youth

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Luca Pagani

Crown Councilor for Finance, for Legislative Activity and for Communications

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Maria Carmela Serra

Crown Councilor for Tourism and History

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Franco Murduano

Crown Councilor for Defense

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Francesco Verrando

Crown Councilor for Justice and for Culture

Contact: –

Patrizia De Paola

Crown Councilor for Commercial Activities


Fabio Corradi

Crown Councilor for Environment, Agriculture and Floriculture

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