The stamps

The first Seborgan stamp, with a value of 1 luigino, was issued in 1994.
In the following year, this first issue was followed by other issues called “HSH Giorgio I and Coats of Arms of the Principality”, “Coats of Arms of the Principality of Seborga in history”, “Coins of the Principality of Seborga – Year 1995”, “Grand Masters of the Cistercian Knighthood”. On 23 July 1995 a commemorative stamp of half luigino was issued on the occasion of the “1st Football Trophy of the Principality of Seborga”. Another 1 luigino stamp was also issued on 28 December 1995.
The stamps were made on behalf of the Principality of Seborga by “Erinnofila Anfe” of Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI).

As Prince Marcello I ascended the throne, an issue was made on 20 August 2014, consisting of two philatelic sheets: one depicts some luigini from the series of Prince Giorgio I and Prince Marcello I, while the other depicts the coat of arms of the Principality, the official portrait of Prince Marcello I and some glimpses of Seborga.