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The Principality of Seborga is located in the extreme west of Liguria, north of Bordighera, about 500 meters above sea level.
Seborga is a hospitable, well-kept village. From its altitude of 500 meters, surrounded by villas, palm trees, gardens, terraced fields with mimosas, brooms and olive trees, Seborga offers visitors a wonderful panorama that extends over the French Riviera to beyond the Principality of Monaco. Behind our town, the snow-capped peaks of the Maritime Alps rise. You can can breathe a healthy air in Seborga thanks to its proximity to the extensive pine forests of Monte Nero and Monte Caggio.

Driving directions
Autostrada dei Fiori A10 – Exit “Bordighera”; then continue on the SP57 towards Sasso di Bordighera and Seborga.

Contact the Government
Palazzo Miraveglia – Via Miranda 2 – 18012 Seborga
For information:
Secretariat Office
Ms. Maria Carmela Serra, Head of the Secretariat Office
Tel: +39 3405819608 – e-mail: info@principatodiseborga.com
Contacts for Press and Media:
Communications Office
e-mail: press@principatodiseborga.com
For candidacies for the position of Foreign Representative of the Principality:
We regret to inform that at the moment the Principality of Seborga has suspended the possibility of applying for the position of Foreign Representative and does not guarantee that it will be able to respond to any requests that may be received in this regard.

For communications, suggestions or reports of technical problems relating to the website:
e-mail: webmaster@principatodiseborga.com

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