The Government of the Principality of Seborga, as the only institution empowered by the Sovereign People, warns the readers to pay particular attention to the following:

1) Only the person of HSH the Princess may issue documents valid for the Authorities of the Principality. The possession of documents that are not approved and registered by the Principality of Seborga, as they are false, does not give right to the exercise of the related civil rights (voting rights for Principality’s elections).

2) Please distrust alleged Princes of Seborga, “ministers”, “consuls” and other “Seborgan” organisms alternative to those shown on this site; all the activities promoted by these people, who have no real legitimacy and abuse of titles and powers that they don’t have, are disjointed and not authorized by the legitimate Government. The list of members of the legitimate Crown Council and Corps of Foreign Representatives are published on this site: please refer only to these names.

3) A) The Government of the Principality of Seborga absolutely does not grant titles of nobility and has not authorized any other organism to grant them. Any organizations that would grant them have nothing to do with the Principality of Seborga. B) Through its Corps of Foreign Representatives, the Principality of Seborga divulges its history and its aspirations in the world: it is not folklore, but a serious commitment. That is why admission to the Corps of Foreign Representatives of the Principality is decreed only by HSH the Princess; we invite you to distrust those organisms that promise (especially through money payments) to become Foreign Representatives of the Principality. C) In Seborga there are no universities operating in the area or offering online courses. Any educational qualifications granted by institutions related to the Principality of Seborga are false. D) In Seborga there are no banks, no casinos, no hospitals.

4) The Principality invites you to distrust the following websites:
Sites related to the Mutte brothers (Nicolas and Martial):
Facebook Profiles and Pages:
– État-nation de la Principauté de Seborga:
– Répresentation Diplomatique de la Principauté de Seborga au Brésil:
– Universidade Real do Principado de Seborga:
– CryptoTech Academy Principauté de Seborga:
– S.A.S. Nicolas 1er, Prince de Seborga:
– Principauté de Seborga:
– Bureau Medias & Communication:
– Ministère de la Culture, des Medias et de la Communication:
– Seborga turismo:
Twitter profiles:
Vimeo profiles:
Dailymotion profiles:
Instagram profiles:
– Delegação Especial do Principado de Seborga:
– Rep.diplo PSeborga au Brésil:
– Etat-nation PrincipauteSeborga:
– Marcus lisboa:
– Seborga:
– Marcus lisboa:
– SAS Nicolas 1:
– mmdesabourg:

Sites related to the person of Mr. Diego Beltrutti (please see also below, section “Sites of chivalric orders, confraternities, monastic orders and religious associations”):
Facebook Profiles and Pages:
– Ancienne Principaute de Seborga:
– Principality of Sabourg:
– Principato di Seborga:

Sites related to the person of Mr. Gianluca De Lucia (please see also below, section “Sites of chivalric orders, confraternities, monastic orders and religious associations”):
Facebook Profiles and Pages:
– Association “La Vela Bianca”:
– Principato Abbaziale di Seborga:
– Principe Abate di Seborga – Padre Giovanni Luca de Lucia:
Twitter profiles:
Instagram profiles:
– Padre Giovanni Luca:

Sites related to the person of Mr. Immanuel De Agrella:

Sites of chivalric orders, confraternities, monastic orders and religious associations:
The following sites are not recognized: and the Facebook page: and the Facebook page:, and the Facebook page:
The Principality of Seborga does not have relationships with the following entities, of which we do not support the activities in any way and from which we officially dissociate ourselves:
Italian Orthodox Church (Chiesa Ortodossa Italiana), Order of Pelican Piety (Ordine della Pietà del Pellicano), Ancient-Oriental Autocephalous Italian Orthodox Church (Chiesa Ortodossa Italiana Autocefala Antico-Orientale), National Polish Catholic Church (Chiesa Cattolica Nazionale Polacca), Monastic Order of Seborga (Ordine Monastico di Seborga).

Other sites:
– The Instagram accounts @principatodiseborga, @principediseborga, @principatosb, @seborgaofficial and @hrhseborga; (site that promotes real estate investments in the Principality of Seborga); (site of an alleged Museum of Contemporary Art of the Principality of Seborga, in reality non-existent); (site of a man who calls himself “King Marduk I” and claims to be the legitimate ruler of Seborga; furthermore, this site reports false information and insults against the Princes and the members of the Crown Council); and similars (site of an alleged “Princess Yasmin von Hohenstaufen” – aka Gelsomina Aprile – which claims to be the legitimate ruler of Seborga); (site of an unreal “État Pied-Noir” in which reference is made to an alleged “extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to the Principality of Seborga”, who in reality is completely unknown to us).

For any questions please contact the Government of the Principality at