The Knights

The Order of St. Bernard has always been placed to protect the figure of the Prince or Princess.
The insignia of the Knights of St. Bernard consists of a Samnite shield decorated horizontally with ten alternating black and white stripes and a pointed and trifoliate red Latin cross, burdened with two lily hilted, golden swords, crossed at the junction of the two arms of the cross.

The White Knights of Seborga are placed in defense of the sacred territory of the Principality of Seborga.
The historical symbols of the Order are the Pattée Red Cross and the Octagonal Red Cross with dovetail tips, first created in 1611 by Abbot Cesario da San Paolo, Grand Prior of the Order of the White Knights and also Prince of Seborga.

The coats of arms of the two chivalry orders officially recognized by the Principality of Seborga are represented by two cobblestone decorations that adorn the churchyard floor of the Church of St. Bernard.