Donations and sponsorships

The entire system of the Principality of Seborga works on a voluntary basis.

All those who serve for the Principality – the Princess, the Crown Councilors, the Priors, the Guards, the Knights – do it for free: they have their own work activities, but with passion and enthusiasm they still manage to dedicate a lot of time to the Principality because they strongly believe in our institution.


Passion and enthusiasm are not enough: making the Principality itself work, and above all ensuring that the Principality can contribute to the needs of the Community as a valid institution, naturally involves costs. To support them, we also need you: please help us with a donation, even a small one, and we will be very grateful to you!

We are also looking for sponsors.

Contact us here: we will be happy to discuss the most suitable forms of collaboration and support with you.