Government system

According to article 1 of the General Statutes (i.e. the constitution of the Principality), adopted on 23 April 1995, “Seborga is a Free and Sovereign Principality, governed by democratic norms”. The form of government is the elective constitutional monarchy.
The head of state and government is the Princess, who is elected by the people of Seborga for a term of seven years and can be re-elected.
The Crown Council, which is the Princess’s cabinet, holds executive power. It is led by the Princess herself and is made up of 9 Councilors, 4 of them chosen by the Princess already in the candidacy phase and 5 elected by the Seborgans. It proposes amendments to the General Statutes, laws, regulations and international conventions. In the event of the Princess’s vacation, it is collegially entrusted with the temporary government of the Principality, as provided for by art. 31 of the Regulation.
The constitution then provides for an institution called Council of Priors, which is made up of citizens born, baptized and resident in Seborga with at least one living parent and child. The Council of Priors holds legislative power, being called upon to approve the laws, the amendments to the General Statutes, the Regulation and the budget of the Principality. It can also be consulted by the Princess with regard to international relations.